Champions For Veterans

Having trouble navigating the Veteran Affairs process, and obtaining the VA disability rating that you’ve earned? Champions For Veterans is here to help you maneuver the VA system much easier by giving you the tools necessary to efficiently and effectively get the rating you’ve earned.



Our Services

  • Online Course

    This teaches you the system that has helped other Veterans get their benefits.

  • Winning Templates

    These help set you up for success when applying for a higher rating.

  • Weekly Group Coaching Webinar

    This involves getting your questions answered and encourages you to continue in the pursuit of what’s yours.

  • An Online Community

    This includes only the veterans in our program: allows for teamwork and the opportunity to connect with the other vets going through the same process.

  • This assures that you get your questions answered quickly as you move through the process of pursuing your benefits

  • FAQs

    From other students helps to make it easier for you to navigate the VA system.









  • We teach you how to take control of your case, master the process, and become your own VSO (Veteran Service Officer).
  • We provide lifetime support, no matter how long it takes you to get your benefits
  • We charge a low up-front fee for access to our course and interactive guidance from our team



We are an organization of veterans and veteran family members devoted to making sure every vet gets the rating they’ve earned. We care because we are passionate about helping veterans. We also believe that our program is a valuable tool in helping our veteran family members, with service-connected injuries, get the benefits they deserve.








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