100% Money Back Guarantee


Our organization is so confident in the usefulness of the RANGER Method that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if our product does not help you increase your VA rating in 12 months. Here are the details of the guarantee:


  1. After joining our program, you have to use the RANGER Method to apply for your benefits within 12 months after signing up for the program
  2. If after using the RANGER Method to apply for your benefits, you do not get at least a 10% increase in your VA rating after 12 months in our program, we will refund your entire fee back to you. In order to receive the refund, the following information must be provided:
    1. Proof that you were denied an increase in your rating
      1. This would be a screenshot from eBenefits/VA.gov showing that this was your profile and that you applied for and did not receive an increase on issues you applied for after joining our program
    2. Proof that you used the RANGER Method program in the application process
      1. This proof includes statement templates submitted and your official word that you followed the process as we lay it out in our program
      2. Proof that you watched the course and coaching calls (can be proven on our end)
  3. After applying for your benefits during the 12 month period and getting a denial from the VA, you may request a refund and upon receiving that refund your access to the RANGER Method will be removed


We are happy to give you a refund because we believe we give you everything you need to get the VA rating you’ve earned!

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